Wind-up - November 13th, 2007

A special wind-up celebration was held at the premises of WesTrac in Guildford, one of the main sponsors of the Tail End Charlie re-enactment event.  Representatives from both the beneficiaries were present, along with many of the other sponsors and supporters.  Team members Dick and Barbara Garnett from Gnowangerup and Allan and Carolyn Faulkner from Ongerup joined Ron and Kerry for the celebrations.
Cheques to the value of $10,450 each were handed to Ros Worthington, founder of the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA and to Debra Royle, State Manager of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, these funds being the proceeds of the donations received during the re-enactment.  Both Ros and Debra expressed their gratitude not only for the funds, but also for the outstanding awareness which the trip had created.

The crew and the beneficiaries of the donations take this opportunity to thank most sincerely the sponsors, our supporters and most importantly, the people who contributed so generously to the cancer foundations that we represented.

Jim Walker from Westrac

Allan, Debra,Ron & Dick

Barbara, Kerry, Carolyn and Ros Worthington

Ros, Dick, Ron & Debra

Ron and Kerry with Prostate Team

Debra with crew


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